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Connecting & Delivering Equity of Opportunity for Communities and Individuals.


Breaking down the barriers to open and transparent, uncensored digital connectivity and information sharing.

Bullying Unmuzzled

Delivering safe, welcoming, transparent, accountable, inclusive Digital Community Environments, free from censorship in any form but maybe not like you think!


Visit the Bullying Unmuzzled Website or Register your Digital Community Environment (DCE) today and join other online community administrators as together we refine, improve and customise this living document and together as a collective set the standard for online community behaviour and etiquette.

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Community Unmuzzled

A Revolution in Online Geographical Community Connectivity


Community Driven, Community Benefiting, Non-Profit | Local News, Information and Advertising

Combining the right tools and purpose gives your community and organisation the ultimate power
over your local news and information to make it complete, accessible and valuable.

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Unmuzzled TV

Next Level Digital Community Ownership... That won't break the bank


Helping individuals and organisations finding themselves muzzled by another person, group or organisation share their message or story and covering stories the mainstream media simply does not care enough about.

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