Unmuzzled is a mindset, a movement and a journey. We exist to help you expand your consciousness infinitely!

Our Mission is:

“With connection, courage and kindness assist every individual and organisation in any way we can to be unmuzzled in any way we can”

We aim to do this in a number of ways:

Clouds_Base_UnmuzzledClouds_Base_Unmuzzled SQ 15p“By empowering supporting and celebrating Digital Community Environment Environments and Administrators who ensure the provision of Environments that are safe, welcoming, transparent, accountable, inclusive and free from censorship in any form via the UNMUZZLED Open Source – SAFER DIGITAL ENVIRONMENTS program.”

Clouds_Base_Unmuzzled SQ 15p“By creating dedicated topic specific or regional specific websites and integrated social media outlets open to the individuals and organisations in Australia to use to unmuzzle themselves. Points of congregation enabling a centralised creation and distribution of information for each and every topic or region that needs unmuzzling across Australia and the world”
(Eg http://suicide.unmuzzled.com.au, http://sunshinecoast.unmuzzled.com.au, http://indigo.unmuzzled.com.au)

Clouds_Base_Unmuzzled SQ 15p“By creating an online video presence which cannot be ignored by the people, for the people via the UNMUZZLED.TV project, ensuring that those muzzled by anyone can be heard.”

As our traditional value systems continue to change and morph fluidly and the internet continues to penetrate into every corner of human society and of the economy, as citizens of the world we all have a right and responsibility to demonstrate, promote and champion standards of behavior that are clearly defined enabling renewed growth and beneficial interaction of community members both in real life and via the use of the Internet.

Our answer to that is UNMUZZLED.